The CLIMASCIENCE Group will be presenting a 40 m² clean room at the ContaminExpo 2017 exhibition named the Purple room for the occasion.

Particularly suited to microelectronics and nanotechnology, it includes an ISO 7 area fitted with FFU systems in the ceiling and a raised floor with extraction systems and a disinfection annexe. It also incorporates Camfil CamSafe 3 safety box equipped with H14 HEPA filters and a scanning system for in situ filter integrity control.

One of its features, related to the microelectronics sector and presented in this space, is the aggregate filtration of toxic gases before release into the air. This technical exclusivity is installed by INSTRUFLUID which is a CLIMASCIENCE Group company.

This modular room has been designed based on four IP transport boxes and prefabricated in the form of skids in our workshops.
This assembly principle ensures easy and flexible installation which is ideal for customers looking for temporary solutions that are easy to implement. It is useful both in the event of a rapid increase in activity or to maintain activity during equipment transfer (relocation), technical downtime in existing rooms, or during extension or Hook Up work in existing clean rooms.

It is also the ideal solution for mobile facilities required for nomadic uses or export.