As a specialist in clean rooms, Climascience has significant experience in scientific research and cutting-edge industry.
We have set up teams of experienced specialists to provide specific solutions adapted to the specific processes of each sector of activity:

  • 3 experts with training in clean rooms and biosafety laboratories.
  • 5 technicians who are qualified to carry out controls with 2 particle counters, 1 EMERY generator/photometer assembly, and 5 KIMO aeraulic multifunctions.
  • For special fluids, 3 approved welders and 2 orbital welders to qualify the networks.



  • Regulatory compliance audits

  • Implementation of qualification and validation master plans

  • Qualification of clean rooms and spot protections

  • Qualification of collective protective equipment (fume cupboards, etc.)

  • On-site particle counts of clean rooms

  • Measurement of physical environmental parameters on-site

  • On-site microbiological air monitoring of clean rooms

  • Support in obtaining QI, QO, and QP qualifications

The CLIMASCIENCE projects (Process Connection)