Design and building of a 200 m² ISO 7 clean room

The CER IRFU contributes to the New Small Wheels (NSW) project by building, on the Saclay site, some of the re-designed modules of the detector used in the Atlas experiment under the European Organisation for Nuclear Research’s LHC accelerator development programme in Geneva.

It entrusted the design and building of a 200 m² ISO 7 clean room to the Climascience Group which will be used to assemble these micromegas gas detector modules for two years.

  • Customer: CEA-IRFU
  • Cost of works: €800 k
  • Works: ISO 7 clean room with 2 ISO 5 areas with laminar flows ready for use
  • Delivery: 2016

The clean room has an area of 200 m² with a ceiling height of 3 m. Two particulate areas were specifically treated to ensure a higher ISO 5 level of cleanliness under laminar flow. This CEA ATLAS cleanroom is part of the CICLAD project, co-financed by the region Île-de-France as part of the SESAME initiatives.