French Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute  (IRBA) Building of CBRN laboratories - P4 Laboratory - 20,000 m² Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC) The French Armed Forces Biomedical Research Institute (IRBA) is a group of facilities including one P4 laboratory, vivariums, 5000 m² of laboratories, and an 8000 m² confinement platform.   Customer : Defence Infrastructure Department, French Ministry of [...]



STALLERGENES (Antony) Maintenance for Class D production facilities Expert in allergen immunotherapy (ITA), STALLERGENES proposes a global approach to improve the life of patients suffering from allergies. As part of upgrading of its Class D production facilities on the NPP system, system audit and diagnostics missions, preliminary design studies, and HVAC works. Bringing the NPP's HVAC system into [...]



ATLAS NSW PROJECT - CEA IRFU Design and building of a 200 m² ISO 7 clean room The CER IRFU contributes to the New Small Wheels (NSW) project by building, on the Saclay site, some of the re-designed modules of the detector used in the Atlas experiment under the European Organisation for Nuclear Research's LHC accelerator development programme [...]

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